WKM's Silver Cleanser
How to use
  1. Dip silver jewelry into Silver Cleanser and leave it to soak about 10-30 seconds (do not dip longer than 30 seconds)
  2. rinse with normal water then follow with tissue or dry clean cloth
  3. if silver jewelry still be dirty, you can repeat whole process again, until it is cleaned

     WKM's Silver Cleaning instant Dip 250 ml.
     WKM's Silver Cleaning instant Dip 70 ml.
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70 ml. | 250 ml.
WKM's Silver Cleanser

WKM Silver dipping cleaner is designed for removing tarnish on your valuable silver jewelry. It comes with cleaner and dipping basket for easy to use.


This cleaning liquid is not suitable for jewelry with water soluble fixings or porous stones such as Pearls, Opals, coral, Cameos, Etc.


  • Please use WKM' Silver Cleanser with pure silver (do not use with gems, stones or pearls decorated silver)
  • Do not use with Antique Silver or colored silver
  • If the solution is dirty or gloomy, means it is expired

Cleaning Tips!!

  • For make your silver more shiny and glossy for long time, following with WKM Silver and gold Polishing cloth.
  • If your silver decorated with pearls, porous stones or other sensitive stones, we recommend to clean them with our Silver and gold polishing cloth, for removing tarnish and keep them longer shiny.